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About Us

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Established since 2003, the Fabulous Cuties studio, also known as MSM, is a production company that's works in close collaboration with Erosgirl Int., the biggest model agency in Canada. It takes all kind of efforts to make a site like Fabulous Cuties possible. From model management to production to web integration, there are many people and ideas behind the concept. Fabulous Cuties is our latest jewel in a vast array of already succesfull projects. It is a genuine celebration of feminine beauty. It's a unique oppurtunity for members to explore the intimacy of our fascinating models. Some may prefer the prudish ones, while others may be more inclined towards the sassy girls. All tastes are welcome!! With Fabulous Cuties, members will be pleased by our variety of girls (nationalities, Languages, etc.), not to mention the possible interactions with the models: Voting, live and private shows, emails, comments, suggestions and live studio web cams, just to name few.

Our quest is only beginning, so make sure to be on the lookout for our newest Fabulous Cuties and all the cool stuff we have to offer!!!

About Dave

Dave The "Big Boss"

Hi, my name is David, also known as Dave/THE BOSS. I am the owner of the studio and I am part of the porn industry since 2001. I started my collection of dirty magazine at the age of ten and in and those days; I would rent them for a quarter a day. Some people might think that I was predisposed for that type of business. One thing's for sure: I love good looking women and I've always wanted to work with them. I couldn't ask for a better job!! With this new endeavour, I've set certain priorities based on my past experience. Fun and respect are main selling points for prospective Fabulous Cuties models. It's with great pride that I extend a huge thank you to all our valued Fabulous Cuties clients and models.

Enjoy the Fabulous Cuties experience!!!

About Franca

Franca Director

Hello everyone, Franca here.
Well, I am the lucky girl who gets to spend all kinds of great moments with most of the beautiful Fabulous Cuties. I started my quest about 3 years ago and with a lot of will, I climbed my way up to be were I am now. I take care of different levels of Cuties. I do recruitment, castings, videos and photos, make-up and style, location scouting and finally photo packaging. To me, the Fabulous Cuties's vision is refreshing and unique. I am honored to be a director here at MSM and with my partners in crime, Dave, Scott Dan and Vid, we are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I truly hope you will enjoy your adventure in this world of ours, just as much as we enjoyed creating it for you... See you on Cuties xx

About Dan

Dan Photographer's assistant

Dan here, Franca's assistant and also your behind the scenes Fabulous pervert... That's right, I'm the dude that lurks in the shadows to capture all those candid moments that you love so much. I have to put up with some crazy shit someday…being surround by only women and all... Poor me your thinking... I know…I know... Loll! Anyways, hope you'll get yours kinks and see you on set!

About Scott

Scott Coordonator

Hi everyone... Scott here.
Talking to you directly from my desk... which is where you'll usually find me. Along with my fellow coworkers, I take care of the regular daily functions of the company. I also help Vid process and edit the Cuties content so it could be web worthy for you all. So if you need any kind of info or you want to schedule a meeting with us, Hell... if we're out of toilet paper, I'm your man... So sit back, relax, and enjoy FabulousCuties.com!!!

About Vid Vicious

Vid Vicious Photographer, Director & Video Editor

Hey everyone,
My name is Vid Vicious, I'm an accomplished photographer, director and video editor for FabulousCuties.com. I hope you'll enjoy my flavorful editing style and all the hot babes on this site. Fabulous Cuties has been an awesome experience from conception to completion… Enjoy the fruits of our labor.