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Mya's Profile

Age: 25

From: Toronto

Height: 5'3''

Measurements: 35C-23-33

Rating: 71%

Total videos: 5

Total photosets: 3

Total pictures: 355

Mya's Comments

My friend Ania called me and asked me if I was working the next day and if I was up for an adventure. My answer was; no I'm not working and you know me I'm always up for an adventure! So here I was

in my car heading for my shoot. I knew there was going to be a blue Ferrari on set waiting for me so that was a real incentive right there! I brought my sexy racing outfit, all blue jeans with racing patches, I feel like a million bucks in that outfit. It was super neat to play model for a day, I am a hairdresser in my regular life so I am used to making people look good. For once I was the main attraction! Thank you I had great fun :)

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Studio's Comments

Mya, Ania's girlfriend had no experience what so ever. We'd like to mention that Mya is a fitness model and has done many competitions. We wanted to show off that racy body but we already used the

Lamborghini for Ania. So we were left with no props for Mya...WRONG!! For Mya... it was a Ferrari! Frankly, we felt like we were in Hollywood! Mya and her friends treated us like royalty! Mya was utterly pleased with the experience and the results of her shoot. Being that we shot two girls in the same day and considering the length of the road there and back, (5 hours in total) one can say that this day was quite a challenge for the team. No matter, we all returned home with one thing on our minds: Mission accomplished!

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Mya - Hot Cowgirl!exclusive video — 06:01 min.


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