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Ariel Rebel
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Ariel Rebel's Profile

Age: 19

From: Montreal

Height: 51

Measurements: 32B,24 , 35

Rating: 78%

Total videos: 5

Total photosets: 2

Total pictures: 100

Ariel Rebel's Comments

Well as you already know, I have my own website; therefore modeling comes easy to me. But, this time it was different since my photographer and director was a female! I really noticed a difference.

It was cool to get sassy for a chick for a change, :- ) LoL! I really enjoyed my day. They even shot my apartment!! Anyways, 2 thumbs up for a great adventure, check me and the other babes out on the site!!!...But especially me ;-) Smooch, Ariel xx

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Studio's Comments

My first thoughts on Ariel: What a breath of fresh air this girl is! Funny, smart, full of energy and cute as a button, she's a full house. To top it off, Ariel is a natural in front of the camera,

so I used that asset to the fullest. We dressed her up, set up a stage and let her work her magic. Since I am convinced that you will not get enough of her I will share a secret with you... Ariel has her own web site! Yes sir! Make sure you go check her out at www.arielrebel.com We'd like to thank Ariel for her participation, she is truly a great addition to our team!

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Q: ...

A: Hi everybody, I'm Ariel, I'm almost 19 years old and I'm from Montreal...I'm one of the crazy girls from Montreal...lol

Q: Besides beeing crazy like that , what is it that you do Ariel ?

A: I'm teasing everybody...lol...actually, I'm working on my site...Arielrebel.com....I'm super happy to be here...

Q: You're prepared to do all kinds of teasings?

A: Of course...I prepared myself...

Q: You came up with an idea for a shoot, you want to talk to us about it?

A: Sure...it's a Charlie Chaplin shoot...I just love that style...and it's so not me...that's why I want to do it...

Q: Do you like old black and white movies?

A: Yes ...but I got to say that some of those are pretty boring...but I love that effect...

Q: Blondes or brunettes?

A: Brunettes...ok ...I like blondes sometimes for my personnal life but in general, I prefer brunettes...

Q: Are you bisexual?

A: Yes...I discovered it when I started shoothing for my site...

Q: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

A: Sometimes...when I'm in the mood...I'm always naked in my appartement...when I sleep too...just more comfortable...

Q: In which context would you really be trip on getting naked?

A: During a shooting...lol...

Q: What qualities do you appreciate in someone else?

A: Someone who makes me laugh...someone who really enjoys life...

Q: What flaw can't you stand in people?

A: I'm not sure if it counts...I don't like really hairy ''stuff''...sorry for some guys...someone who's rude...I like honest people...

Q: What do you hate the most in bed?

A: Is there something boring in bed ? I like it when people give me new ideas...no cookies in bed...

Q: Tell me about a sexual experience that you thought that was really special.

A: It was at a club , on the dance floor and nobody saw us... had a really short skirt...

Q: What's your favorite music?

A: I like all kinds...but my favorite band is System of a Down...metal music...everything except country western

Q: What music turns you on?

A: Slutty music...lol...rock can really turn you on...I like Weezer...puts you in a mood...

Q: What piece of clothing that you wear that makes you feel irrisistible..

A: Nothing...lol...my belt...and my socks...

Q: What attracts people to you?

A: I don't know...maybe my eyes...

Q: I'm going to try to discover you throught the seven deadly sins...gluttony: What would you pig out on?

A: ..Lasagna,sushi, maple and nuts ice cream...lasagna is so good...

Q: What gets under your skin?

A: People who speak behind my back...I really prefer honest people...

Q: Envy: What makes you envious ?

A: Cute girls... big breasts...I want to have big breasts...

Q: Greed :What is your most extravagant purchase?

A: Last time I bought makeup...or a pair of pants that were expensive...

Q: Sloth:When you feel lazy, what do you do?

A: Watching movies on my couch eating ice cream...

Q: Pride: What are you most proud of?

A: When I started in the business...I had troubles looking at myself now when I look at my work , I find myself beautiful...

Q: Lust:When was your last kiss and how hot can you be?

A: My last kiss was a week ago , in a club , I met a guy...we talked and ...I think he liked it...And how hot can I be? I think I kiss well ...

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