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Liana's Profile

Age: 20

From: Montreal

Height: 52

Measurements: 34B-24-34

Rating: 85%

Total videos: 2

Total photosets: 2

Total pictures: 100

Liana's Comments

Wow! I got chosen, I'm so happy! I applied at flashy because I saw the site and I thought the girls looked really good and I always wanted to have pictures of me taken by a professional. So now I am

a part of the team and I 'm really proud of it. I hope you like me. Bye Bye Liana

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Studio's Comments

Liana, Liana, Liana...What a sweet heart!! Her first time was a great time. She had sent me home made sexy pics for her casting; she was so eager to be chosen. I thought she looked great on her home

made pics, so I figured she would make a perfect fit. Fresh, young, all smiles and eager to please; that's how I like 'em :)

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Q: ...

A: My name is Liana, I'm 20 years and I'm from Montreal.

Q: What do you do?

A: I'm a waitress...in a restaurant ... I like meeting new people

Q: Do you work in a all-girl team?

A: No we have buss boys with us...

Q: What do you eat when you go to a restaurant?

A: I like pastas...I'm a pasta lover...any kind...

Q: Do you stay fit to burn all that pasta?

A: Yeah ...LOL!! No choice...LOL!!

Q: Do you like to train?

A: Yes, a lot.

Q: Do you train for strength or fitness?

A: More for fitness...I prefer cardio...

Q: What's your favourite training machine?

A: I like the training carpet...I'm always running.

Q: What's your favourite drink?

A: A "Sex on the beach".

Q: What is your favourite color?

A: Blue...like the sky...blue is pure...

Q: Where would be your dream destination for traveling?

A: Hawaii, cause it's the tropics...ukuleles, palm trees...

Q: Do you like to surf?

A: No.

Q: Do you like water sports?

A: Yes...I like to water ski and go underwater diving also.

Q: You like fish?

A: Yeah...they're always colorful and different.

Q: What makes you laugh?

A: Life...I always try to look at life on the positive side...

Q: What keeps you dreaming?

A: The future...future plans, goals...that's what keeps me dreaming...

Q: Are you a car or a motorcycle person?

A: Motorcycles...they are made for summer and I love summer...

Q: Sports bikes or choppers?

A: Both...they're different but I like both...

Q: Are you afraid of speed?

A: No

Q: Would you jump from a plane?

A: No ...LOL!! I'm afraid of heights...

Q: What's your favourite music?

A: Summertime music...like Reggae...it reminds us of summer during a snowstorm...

Q: What's your favourite time of day to have sex; in the mornings, afternoons or at nights?

A: No preference, when it happens it happens...

Q: What do you wear when you sleep?

A: Little Brazilian panties... no top...

Q: No top?

A: No top

Q: Alright!! Are you in to threesomes?

A: I was...I still am...

Q: Did it go well?

A: Yes

Q: 2 guys and a girl or 2 girls and a guy?

A: 2 girls and a guy...LOL!!

Q: So are you more dominant or submissive?

A: It depends; I'll adapt to the situation...

Q: Are you attracted to women's curves?

A: Yes...I've always been attracted to women.

Q: Would you like to add anything, to our members?

A: I wanted to experiment; try something new like photography and see how it goes and if I like it, you'll see more of me...

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